Benefits of Using Native Advertising in Your Campaigns

Native advertising has become a buzzword within the advertising industry over the last few years, and with good reason. Advertisers are starting to see the benefits of using native ads in their campaigns. In this article, we will explore in detail the benefits of using native advertising in your campaigns.

What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising is a type of advertising that is designed to look and feel like the content it appears alongside. It is a form of paid media that blends in with the editorial content of a website, app, or social media platform. The goal of native advertising is to create a seamless user experience, where the ad feels like a natural part of the content.

Benefits of Native Advertising

1. Increased Engagement and User Experience

Native advertising can provide a much better user experience than traditional banner ads. Because it blends in with the editorial content, users are more likely to engage with it. According to a study by Sharethrough, on average, native ads generate an 18% higher lift in purchase intent than banner ads.

2. Less Intrusive

Native ads are less intrusive than traditional ads. They don’t interrupt the user’s experience the same way that banner ads do. This can make them more effective as users are more likely to engage with an ad that doesn’t feel like an interruption.

3. Higher Click-Through Rates

Because native advertising blends in with the editorial content, it is more likely to be clicked on. According to a study by TripleLift, native ads have a 52% higher click-through rate than traditional display ads.

4. Improved Brand Awareness and Recall

Native advertising can help improve brand awareness and recall. Because they blend in with the editorial content, they are more likely to be remembered by users. A study by IPG Media Lab showed that users looked at native ads 53% more frequently than display ads.

5. Improved Targeting and Relevance

Native advertising can be highly targeted and relevant to the user’s interests. This is because native ads can be designed to match the look and feel of the site or app they appear on, and can be tailored to fit the interests and behaviors of the user.

6. Increased ROI

Native advertising can provide a higher return on investment than traditional banner ads. According to a study by AppNexus, native ads are 53% more likely to generate a click than banner ads, and they generate twice as many conversions.

7. Better Ad Performance Metrics

Native advertising allows for better ad performance metrics. Because native ads are easily trackable, advertisers can see how their ads are performing in real-time, and can make adjustments to improve performance.


Native advertising is becoming an increasingly popular choice for advertisers. With the ability to create a seamless user experience, higher click-through rates, and increased brand recall, it’s no surprise that native advertising is seen as a valuable addition to any advertising campaign. By incorporating native ads into your campaigns, you can improve engagement, ROI, and ad performance metrics, making it a win-win for both advertisers and users.